Year: 2004

I need a gigapet

There are only two non-related results for a gigapet search on yahoo shopping. This is the place that apparently has “Millions of products from thousands of stores.” yeah, and no gigapets.

New word: Slope

Okay, it’s not really a new word. But here’s a new definition for it. slope noun 1) A merging of two words: slow and dope. “I’ve been so lazy at home lately, i’m feeling like such a slope.” 2) Someone who has the feeling that things are heading downhill.

Handwriting influences

Here are some influences on how I write certain letters:

Toy vacancy in downtown Chicago

Within the last two years, ALL the toy stores in downtown Chicago have closed. * Toys R Us on State Street (Summer 2003?) * FAO Schwartz on Michigan Ave (January 2003) * KB Toys in Merchandise Mart (January 2004) Where am I gonna buy my toys? We need a “toys in downtown chicago” movement! Or …

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Am we brilliant or stupid?

A discussion on being brilliant: Matt: Stupidity in another format can be considered brilliant. Dave: That was a thin line between stupid and clever.

Interesting experiences

Standing on a train platform in Chicago (the fullerton stop), and having cars drive below me under. A feeling of levitating while metal machines run below. On the 7th floor standing at the edge of a guardrail in Chicago’s Water Tower mall. And looking up. Woooo, shakey scary feeling. Running across the street in 5°weather …

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the most delicious snack

Hershey’s is now making York peppermint patties into chips called Swoops. And they make me *swoon.* They are soo good! So thin, so tasty. It’s the most delightful snack ever! The plain chocolate and reese’s also taste good, but there’s something about the mintiness inside a chip that just defies nature.

stapler nunchucks

When you open up a stapler, they make really good nunchucks.

Editor’s Pick

one of my cameraphone photos on textamerica is an “editor’s pick” today (look on the right hand side of textamerica’s website for the editor’s pick list. …newer photos have now been put up on the editor’s pick list, bumping mine off. Given how some of those photos look, it’s not the biggest honor in the …

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I am an autobot

ryan_top_dogg: so do u collect transformers? or the comics? artdude75: i am a transformer ryan_top_dogg: lol kool u belong to any forums artdude75: forums? i do not go to forums, for i am an autobot ryan_top_dogg: artdude75: Autobots have no use for these “forums” ryan_top_dogg: well make a exception this time artdude75: perhaps if …

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Most frequent word in titles of classic horror and sci-fi movies

Based on this page which has 318 classic horror and sci-fi movie posters, what do you think is the most common word to use in the title? beast black blood cat creature dark dead dr dracula earth frankenstein house king man monster night outer phantom space vampire woman