Year: 2004

remote-controlled car in public

There could be some interesting art made out of running a remote controlled car in a public square. But would should it do?

jacket joke

What happens when a bunch of jackets get together in a closet? They hang out.

Suckers for the Chicago White Sox

The baseball team known at the Chicago White Sox are having their annual convention this weekend in the hotel across the river from my work. Perhaps I will drop by on Friday (cuz you know it won’t be sold out), and hand out black lollipops with the White Sox logo on them… Cuz the Sox …

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new word: nightenorning

nightenorning n. 1. The period between night and morning. “Oh wow, it’s 4am, where did the time go, I should really get a couple hours sleep. Good Nightenorning.” [Middle English, from Old English niht.] [Middle English, from morn, morn.]

radio show idea–word of the show

It would be fun to have a one word themed two-hour radio show. Before each show, you pick one word. Then you play songs that have that word in the title. Some exmaples of words: “boogie” or “kiss” or “ain’t”. Just sort your mp3 list and it becomes quite apparent how many songs have the …

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my notepad is found

Today I found my lost notepad, how sweet My world is now again complete!

Blob attacks Chicago!

Photographer Matt Maldre captured the huge blob that is infesting the Chicagoland area. Check out his moblog for details.

Creative Ground

The name “creative ground” is very interesting. Being grounded. Down-to-earth. Dirt. But creative at the same time.

Mars has water

If they are looking for evidence of water on Mars, why don’t they send the robot-thing to the north part of mars where all that white stuff is. Geez. That looks like snow to me.

Questions marks vs. periods

When a sentence has a question mark at the end, the sentence is called a “question.” But when a sentence has a period at the end, it’s merely called a “sentence”. Why isn’t there a special word for sentences with a period at the end?


the official spelling of “more” is now “MOOOOOOOOOOOORE.” It only makes sense that the word “more” should have more o’s.