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Parents Magazine Cover

The creative director at work used to work at a magazine. So when she got married last year, we made her a fake National Enquirer magazine cover with custom headlines. Now she will be having a baby in February, so I illustrated and designed this magazine cover with Maureen’s excellent copywriting. Alot of the illustration […]

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Why I Like Snow

1) Snow transforms our landscape. A whole new visual world great for for photographing. 2) Observing evidence of action. * Where animals/humans have been. * What areas are warmer than others (where snow melts one side of the street, but not the other. Or how snow melts on rooftops) 3) Snowball fights. There’s just something […]

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handwritten columns in newspapers

It would be nice if sometimes columns in the newspaper were reprinted with the columnist’s original handwriting and original notes. It would capture so much more of the personality. If not all the time, then maybe just occasionally. Or, it could be a special once a year issue where everything in the entire newspaper is […]

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NEW PHRASE: im_station

At work my computer is no longer called my “computer.” It will now be referred to as my “im_station.” (IM being Instant Message). “Where’s my keys?” “Oh, they are by my im_station.” *while in a meeting* “Yeah, i’ll get right on that when i get back to my IM station”

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Chicago moblog

Chicago moblog

I’m posting pictures directly from my cell phone to an online webpage at: Textamerica is the #1 result for a google search of “moblog.” (A moblog is a mobile blog where posts are made via a cell phone or other mobile device). I’m quite pleased that I got the username of “chicago.” Please feel […]

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deadly toy of 2003

deadly toy of 2003

Toys and weapons have always gone hand-in-hand. But have they gone too far? Witness as brutal, medieval weapons now inspire a new breed of toys. It’s so dangerous, it appears on the official top ten worst toys for 2003!

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New word: brainblow

brainblow n. 1: When something blows your mind: “Oh my, you just gave me a brainblow.” brainblow v. t. [imp. & p. p. Brainblowed; p. pr. & vb. n. Brainblowing.] 1. To blow one’s mind. 2. To affect with great wonder; astonish: “She just brainblowed me away.”

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