Month: August 2005


AAAAAAAA OOOOOO AAAAAAAAAA! Funny how we can call stuff “that’s so early 2000s” now. What else is from the era of the early 2000s?

Warm soda reminds me of trips

Riding along in a car on a vacation sipping on an old soda that has been resting for a couple hours… that’s what drinking a warm soda reminds me of.

age in decimals

I like how threadless says your age in decimals: My threadless profile. It’s fascinating how that number changes every day. If someone asks me how old I am today, I can say 29.78.

Pop Culture Thesaurus

there should be an thesaurus that you can look up a word and it will give you ‚Ä¢ tv shows ‚Ä¢ movies ‚Ä¢ actors ‚Ä¢ fictional characters i.e. look up “architect” and it will give you every pop culture reference to architects

Elevator cheerleaders

It would be fun to become an elevator cheerleader. While riding in the elevator with someone do loud obnoxious cheers for that person. “YOU CAN DO IT BOB! MAKE THAT SPREADSHEET! BOB-BEE! BOB-BEE!” And clap for that person as they exit the elevator, “Let’s go bobby, let’s go!” Do it enough and then you’ll get …

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how cashiers hand your change

Why do cashiers hand you the paper bills first and then try to precariously hand you the change on top of that? It makes no sense, because the coins end up sliding all over the place. PLEASE ALL CASHIERS OF THE WORLD, follow this sequence: 1) Hand your customer the coins FIRST 2) THEN hand …

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East rules. West stinks. makes an interesting observation: Today is August 19, 2005, quite far into the 2005 MLB season. I think it’s rather remarkable that every single team in the National League East has a better record than every single team in the National League West. NL East W L Pct Atlanta 69 52 .570 Philadelphia 65 …

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