Year: 2006

Lunokhod Moon Robot: The 1970 Soviet predecessor to the Mars Rovers

Yes, this oversized popcorn popper with wheels actually walked on the Moon. It was launched in 1970 even though it looks like something from the 1950s. And it was created by the Soviets. Ah those Soviets, they know how to make something look so-cool-old-school-robot style.

Seeing earth for the first time

Imagine you are an alien. You are approaching planet earth for the first time. You could totally end up approaching earth from any direction. What if you approached earth from what we call the bottom, and you see Antarctica first? You would think that our entire planet is based around this one continent! In fact, …

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You are so in fine whack

Yahoo was talking about How did the phrase “out of whack” come about? and they mentioned that the phrase “in fine whack” had previously been used to describe something fit and sturdy. As John Hale describes Abraham Lincoln in 1863: “The Tycoon is in fine whack. I have rarely seen him more serene and busy. …

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the quiet library

The library seems even more quiet than my apartment by myself. Even though there’s more noise at the library–constant hum of the escalators, copy machine beeps, people walking. The fact that the people at the library do these activities quietly without saying a word to each other makes it seem all the more quiet.

How to fix bitmappy vector pdf previews in Acrobat Reader

Have you ever noticed how vector shapes in a pdf file tend to look bitmappy? This makes no sense, because vector shapes should be super smooth. Here we will get to the bottom of this problem. Here are the things we will compare: 1) Address info (text converted to outlines) 2) White header lines (vector …

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1000 Lire Found

In December I bought a used vertical file cabinet at a thrift store for ten dollars. What a find! It was literally an answer to a prayer (the filing cabinets we looked at other places were $75 and up). The bottom of the drawers were lined with Chicago Tribune newspapers from 1997 (rather fitting seeing …

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mmmmhmmmm looks like a herd of animals, and one of them is sticking its head out to see what’s going on.

KERN sweatshirt and LEADING pants

There’s this clever “KERN” sweatshirt being sold on You unzip the sweatshirt to demonstrate how kerning works. neat. I want to make a shirt that says “LEADING” and pants that also say “LEADING.” To demonstrate how leading works, you just drop your pants. (thanks to Tom for finding this link and posting it on …

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The key to health is variety

Metra conductors are on their feet all day long. Yet the majority of them are quite… thick. How is that? They walk and walk all day long. They should be in prime shape, right? It’s because they are doing the same routine over and over. Your body becomes accustomed to it. Plus, it’s just nice …

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