Year: 2011

Fake business card titles

I want to make up crazy fictional titles for myself and put them on business cards and drop them into fish bowls in restaurants. Any good ideas for business card titles? I recently posted this on the spudart facebook fan page and got some great suggestions: Groundhog hunter Cuticle Consultant.. Goldfish Therapist Cat herder ‎”Our …

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How much 2011 baseball cards cost

In case you’re wondering how much baseball cards cost nowadays. If you buy a box of packs, here’s how much they’ll cost: 2011 Topps Baseball Cards Series 1 Blaster Box 10 packs per box, 8 cards per pack 80 cards $20/box ($0.25/card) ($2.00/pack) 2011 Topps Baseball Cards Series 1 Box 24 packs per box, 12 …

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56 photos of puddle jumpers

Flickr is a-jumpin with photos of people jumping over puddles. Here’s 56 leap-tastic photos of puddle leapers. In honor of April Showers month in 2010, I found images of puddle jumpers on flickr and hung them up in the 1400 Gallery. I have the photo credits on record, I need to dig that up.

Top song for February 2011

My most listened-to song for February 2011 is Girl Talk’s “Steady Shock.” Really, the top song should be the entire Girl Talk album. As the cityforward blog says, “more specifically its style of hyper-mashup: it‚Äôs not so much music, a series of songs, as it is a 71-minute manipulation of the brain to experience music.” …

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National Jelly Day

There is a National Peanut Butter Lovers Day (March 1), but where’s the love for Jelly? Foodie expert Tom Saaristo pointed out to me via txt that there is no National Jelly Day. Let’s declare a National Jelly Lovers Day. When should it be? The day after National Peanut Butter Day! March 1: National Peanut …

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Bouncyball land of a million bajillion bouncy balls

Oh wow. I want to live in that bouncy ball land forever and ever! Say, I wonder how they released the balls. They just didn’t pour them out of a dump truck, because they would just roll down the street. They would have had to release them from a high point.

Top tweets of January 2011

If I ever threw my office computer out the window, I would attach a parachute to it, so it wouldn’t get damaged. 11:53 AM Jan 25th tweeted by @mattmaldre (my twitter account for design, marketing, web and tech things) I like how the word YAY looks like two people with their arms up in the …

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Want more snow? Get out the snowhose

(Photo courtesy lahp) What if garden hoses sprayed snow instead of water? During summertime, you can quickly cool off. But then the snow melts. The real value of the snowhose is during the winter. Missing the snow? Spray some on your lawn. 20 inches of snow not enough? Get out the snowhose and spray on …

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