Year: 2011

The macintosh beach ball

An instant message conversation between me (spudart) and my brother (unlikelymoose) today: Spudart: Adium has been giving me the beach ball frequently the past two days. Unlikelymoose: when life gives you a beach ball, go to the beach.

I tend to avoid Microsoft Word

(image from I like plain text editors. TextWrangler is my favorite. Big bloated text editors like Microsoft Word, I try to avoid using. But my workplace uses Microsoft Word to exchange text documents. I only open up Word for these documents. And I reluctantly use Word to open the documents. I need to change …

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Chicago Snow Blizzard 2011: 19 HDR photos

Photos from Chicago’s third largest snow storm ever. I walked around Lincoln Square the day the blizzard ended and took these photographs of the neighborhood.

Google search results for: following twitterversary

Following twitterversary

It’s funny whenever you do a search for something and your own site comes up. I’m searching for a tool that will tell me the twitterversaries of all the people i follow. I googled: following twitterversary, and the fourth result is my own site. UPDATE: Six years later My blog post is now #1 for: …

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What is your eclectic score?

Take the 20 musicians you listen to the most. How different are they? You can compute your electic score with the eclectic test. Oh, and you have to use My eclectic score is currently 93/100, meaning my musical preferences are very diverse. Here’s my friends who regularly use and their scores: 98: rlindquist …

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Counting in Jawaese

Jawaese is the language that Jawas speak in Star Wars. They are desert scavengers. Selling what they find. Thus numbers are very important to them. Here’s how to count to ten in Jawaese: 1 Po 2 Ko 3 Kyo 4 Yo 5 Dyo 6 Lyo 7 Does not exist in Jawa arithmetic 8 Ho 9 …

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We are God’s artwork

I have a new blog dedicated to exploring the intersection of being an artist and a Christian. I plan on making one blog post per week at This week I explore that we are God’s artwork made to do good things. Read more at’s-artwork.

Which 2011 Chicago mayor candidate supports the arts the most?

Time Out or some publication did coverage on which candidate supports the arts the most. (excuse me as I forget the link, if anyone has it, please leave it in the comments) They looked at if anyone in their family is in the arts. What memberships the candidate owns. They also asked each candidate what …

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