Year: 2012

What’s your favorite fictional characters?

TV: — Uncle Iroh (Avatar Animated Series) — Spongebob Squarepants — Ron Stoppable (from Kim Possible) — Jazz (Transformers) — Balki Bartokomous (Perfect Strangers) — Rolf the Dog (Muppet Show) — Gonzo (Muppet Show) — Kramer (Seinfeld) — Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation) Movies: — Quorra (from Tron Legacy) — Buddy (from Elf) — Linkavitch …

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New word: lll

word: lll definition: laughing laughing laughing. Not just a short laugh. Not just a laugh out loud. But a prolonged laugh of good length. example: Did you see that potato? lll tags: laugh, laughing, long, extended, length, happy, funny, hilarious, acronym, netspeak Thanks to unlikelymoose for coming up with this definition over IM. For those …

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Pros and cons of Spotify

Spotify. Why use Spotify? “Millions of tracks, any time you like. Just search for it in Spotify, then play it. Just help yourself to whatever you want, whenever you want it.” Here’s my reasons why you need to sign up now. I really like being able to play any music i want at any time. …

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3-leaf composition

At my work desk, I have a round table by me that rarely gets used. It’s now an art pedestal for the 1400 Gallery. (The gallery being my workspace in the Tribune Tower). This particular work of art is three leaves laid out in a composition. One might say it’s inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Or …

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Puddle jumper with BuckyBall jumprope, photo in print by Jheppc

Fun with Buckyballs

A package of Buckyballs sits in the 1400 Gallery (my desk at the Tribune Tower). The gallery was showing an exhibit of 10 puddle jumpers curated from a list of 56 puddle jumpers from Flickr. One of the sales people walks over and starts playing with the tiny metal magnetic balls. He puts them on top of the puddle jumpers. …

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My 68 favorite youtube videos of 2011

Throughout 2011, whenever I saw a video I liked on Youtube, I would add it to my 2011 favorite playlist. Now you can enjoy all 68 fun youtube videos! If you are curious, I already have a video in my 2012 favorite playlist. There are 122 videos in the 2005-2010 favorites playlist.

Alley Giveaway

Today Gapers Block featured a photo from my “Alley Giveaway” series. In effort to minimize my apartment, I got rid of a bunch of stuff. The alley behind me always has people trolling for things left behind. As soon as something is put in the alley, it’s gone within the hour. To have some fun …

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Elevator embarrassment at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

I‚Äôve never been caught leaving my public art around. Until today. It happened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The idea The past couple days I’ve been thinking about what artwork I can leave in public elevators. This morning I thought of putting a sticky note by the ground floor button that says, …

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