Year: 2012

2012 resolutions

Things to do in 2012: 1) Visit more coffeeshops. 2) Whenever I see a bench I haven’t sat in, to sit in it for at least one minute. 3) Always sit on the Giddings Park for one minute when I walk to work. 4) To not use my phone on the train during January. 5) …

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Wall photos on an angle

These two photos appeared next to each other in my most interesting photos 2011. I like how they are kinda similar.

Fantasy Money League

There should be a fantasy football league that is just about money. People could say, “did you see how that money did?” And then someone else could say, “that money totally had all the money!” The third person would reply, “that was so on the money.”

Is 12 noon pm or am?

Is 12 noon pm or am? I always get confused. Who would be the best person to help me out? None other than the people at AM/PM gas stations. Here is a series of letters I have written for AMPM where we get to the bottom of the matter of fixing this noon pm/am thing. …

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The Spudart blog is moving to another platform! For the past month I’ve been spending most of my time converting my blog from a very old platform, pmachine over to a more robust one, drupal. Excuse me while there is a temporary lack of posts. It’s become quite urgent that I convert my blog over. … blog on a little break Read More »