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Total pageviews for in 2013

Traffic stats for in 2013

In 2013, had: 265,267 Visits 244,989 Unique Visitors 324,996 Pageviews Of those pageviews: 157,057 from google search 35,149 unknown 9,684 7,699 bing search 7,455 yahoo search 4,916 3,972 2,653 2,601 aol search some other sites further down the list: 1,677 pinterest 1,337 925 facebook 268 flickr 172 youtube 71 […]

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33 icons of creative websites

60 websites for art and culture inspiration

Looking for some creative sources? Here are 60 (formerly 45) websites that bring interesting posts. You could subscribe to them using an RSS reader like 3quarksdaily: 2,000 readers A Creative Universe: 664 readers Art in America: 232 readers Art Threat: 422 readers ARTINFO Blogs ¬ª Feed: 2,000 readers ARTnews: 711 readers Arts & […]

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Kickapoo tshirts, bracelets, and hats for sale

Two Kickapoo State Parks in America

As if having one state park named Kickapoo in Texas wasn’t enough. There’s also a Kickapoo State Recreation Area in Illinois. The folks in Oakwood, IL must have had some fun naming their road Kickapoo Park Road and the loading dock, Kickapoo Landing. Wait, there are 12 places named Kickapoo in America: — Kickapoo Township, […]

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Is there a difference between cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary?

Cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary both sound like totally cool concepts. Intersecting different areas of thought to generate creative results. But what is the difference between cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary? I posted this question across the internet. The answers fell into two groups. 1) Interdisciplinary is study in two different disciplines. Cross is study in one discipline that […]

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Original: Vincent van Gogh Starry Night

13 images that look like van Gogh’s Starry Night

There are many variations done on Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” but how many people captured a photo or created an illustration that looks like this famous painting, but never realized the likeness? This would be like creating a masterpiece in every day life. The images below look similiar for a combination of color and […]

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I hope this illustration of Sherlock Holmes is now in the public domain

Sherlock Holmes enters public domain!

Sherlock Holmes is free! Run wild Holmes! Sherlock Holmes is now in the public domain in America–but wait–only the pre-1923 Holmes. Any characteristics of Holmes developed after 1923 are off-grounds. Fascinating how copyright law works. People can now do anything with the Sherlock Holmes as long as they are based on the fifty Holmes works […]

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