Year: 2015

List of domains with art in domain

The value of seven-letter domains ending in

How much is the domain worth? Just the domain name itself, not the website. 1,610 domains are listed on Godaddy auctions that are four letters + The median selling price is $2,195. The list of domains selling for $2,195: …

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If I'm in the perimeter of wisdom

Calvin’s wits comes from his parents

(comic courtsey The mom has some of Calvin’s style of humor in today’s Calvin & Hobbes. It’s nice that the parents aren’t always prototypical boring stiff parents. Here we see where Calvin potentially gets his wits from.

John Cage Musical Score

Interpreting a John Cage score

This is a musical score. What would it sound like? #MCAresidency15 A photo posted by MCA Chicago (@mcachicago) on Sep 8, 2015 at 1:35pm PDT   What would this musical score sound like? The Museum of Contemporary Art posted a photo of a score by John Cage and asked people what it would sound like. …

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The most highlighted term in the Oxford dictionary

The most popular highlight made by Kindle users in the Oxford Dictionary of English is “think deeply about something that makes one unhappy, angry, or worried: she had brooded over the subject a thousand times.” That’s rather bizarre. That is the definition for the word BROOD.

Tweets about Paris and ewoks

Thinking about Paris and ewoks

Here’s a few fun tweets about Paris and ewoks. It's fun saying the phrase "Paris Ewok" — Spudart Matt Maldre (@spudart) August 27, 2015 I want to meet an ewok from Paris. — Ewok Lumat (@EwokLumat) August 27, 2015 On the Death Star, what area would be the equivalent to Paris? — Atour Riten (@AtourRiten) …

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sliding down the picasso

The simple joys of public art

Does your city have touristy things that you’ve never done? Chicago has a lot of that. One of the tourist attractions is the 50 foot tall public art sculpture by Picasso. The angled base made of Cor-Ten steel makes for a great slide. Children are always running up the base and sliding down. I never …

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A cool diagram of the sun's location

Where is the sun?

If you ask “Where is the sun?” to Wolfram Alpha, you get a cool astronomy diagram! In my case, I had to add on “in Chicago”, because Wolfram Alpha thought I was in Florida, based on our internet provider at work.

New word: snapity

Snapity is now submitted to Here’s what I wrote: definition: The interjective response to shocking sad news. A combination of “snap” and “pity.” Snap! is your first reaction of surprise, closely followed by pity for the bad news. Snapity! example: Your laptop just blew up?! Snapity! tags: snap, pity, sucks, shock, surprise, sad, empathy

How a caterpillar met an origami butterfly

Army of caterpillars and origami butterflies: nature and public art in Chicago

An army of caterpillars somehow got onto the median of a busy tourist street in Chicago. How was such an unusual sight discovered? Why through origami butterflies, of course! Being freshly married two weeks ago, we have about four hundred extra origami butterflies that we didn’t use in the wedding reception. This army of butterflies …

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a whole lotta stanley cups

500 million visualized

With the Stanley Cup in the news again as Chicago won its third Stanley Cup in six years, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium made an infographic revealing that 429,305,338 Stanley Cups stacked on top of one another would reach the Moon. What else is approximately 500 million? The population of North America is 476,028,165 people. America (320,970,000), …

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s I'm buying 3 more Muppets comic books, I'm finding comic book taste is skewing more to kids books :)

Muppets the comic book

The Muppets comic book (2009-2012) is EXCELLENT! If you like the Muppets, go to your nearest comic book store and pick up the compilation, “The Muppets Omnibus.” (or get it from Amazon) It’s seriously one of the best comics to ever come out. The Muppets are a perfect fit for the comic book format. The …

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