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25 images that look like Jackson Pollocks Number 1 1950 Lavender Mist

25 images that look like Jackson Pollock’s Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)

Scull Chapel, Czermna, Poland / Kaplica Czaszek w Czermnej by PolandMFA, on Flickr Untitled Forms / Dumbo Arts Center: Art Under the Bridge Festival 2009 / 20090926.10D.54894.P1.L1.C23 / SML by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML, on Flickr Angel Christmas cookies by bubolinkata, on Flickr muslim graveyard by smokykater, on Flickr Ice Storm by andrewfhart, on Flickr […]

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The Invisible Scar by Josi Yingjiao Pei.jpg

A meaningful use of QR codes

An impressive show was put on by this year’s batch of BFA students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The expansive seventh floor of the Louis Sullivan Building on the State Street housed more than 300 artists’ work by students completing undergraduate degrees this spring. One artist’s work in particular stood out. […]

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Getting hammered at the Art Institute of Chicago

Get inside the artwork at the Art Institute of Chicago #GetInsideTheArtInstituteofChicago

Ever want to get inside the artwork at an art museum? Now you can! Several people on Instagram and Flickr have demonstrate how they interact with artworks in museums. These seven methods are collected under the hashtag, #GetInsideTheArtInstituteofChicago. A clever pun that says both “Get inside the artwork” and “Get inside the Museum” as it […]

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I almost brought my bat with me to vote

Should you bring a baseball bat to the voting booth?

Every year my company, Tribune Media Services, used to have award ceremonies. One of the awards was Rookie of the Year with the trophy/plaque thing being an actual Louisville Slugger baseball bat customized with the recipient’s name and his/her first year at the company. I won the award in 2000. Today I was going to […]

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Infographic listing 65 translations of

How to say “honeymoon” in 65 languages

Honeymoon is such an interesting word. The Japanese have a fun way of translating the word (as covered on my wedding blog). The French literally translates it as “moon of honey,” as seen on 1540s, hony moone, but probably much older, “indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newly wed couple,” from […]

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croquet you cant touch this

Croquet taught me the lyrics to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This

The croquet twitter account @HammerTimeCroqu started following me today on Twitter. That is, they are following my croquet-dedicated Twitter account, @mightymauler. Yes, I have a Twitter account dedicated to croquet. Not just croquet, but my superhero alter-ego persona on the croquet courts, the Mighty Mauler. My Twitter account bio calls me “the croquet superhero.” This […]

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mercury resident search

How to find a resident of the planet Mercury

I am looking for a resident that lives on the planet Mercury. How do I search for this? Do I do a search on Twitter for “Mercury alien”? or perhaps “Mercury resident”? However on Twitter, you cannot search the location field on a person’s bio. Facebook didn’t give me the results for anyone living on […]

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