Year: 2017

McDonalds bag origami atop garbage can

Origami made from McDonalds bag

Transform your fast food paper bag into an origami creation that will change the way you eat food, and how you view your time. While sitting in the McDonalds next to the Trump Tower, I folded my McDonalds bag into an origami crane. Recycling fast food paper bags 99.9% of America throws away the fast …

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The Beatles pencil sketches

Sketch cards on Christie’s auction site

ACEO on eBay Artist sketch cards are so much fun to collect. Tiny little sketches done on 3.5-inch by 2.5-inch cards. Search “ACEO” on eBay. ACEO stands for Artists Cards Editions and Originals. You’ll find thousands of such cards. Usually these forms of art are quite affordable, compared to larger art. The prices will run anywhere from …

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Artwork falling out of its envelope, asks to be used.

When art begs to be used

Arriving at my desk this morning, these stored printouts had fallen out of their envelope. They are printouts of the surface of Pluto. Last year I printed these strips with the intention of wrapping them around objects in public spaces. Everyday objects, like poles and branches, would be transformed into the surface of Pluto! Last …

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Andrew Papageorge: creativity and innovation

Creativity vs Innovation

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? Two innovation experts give their thoughts in this two-minute video. I somewhat disagree with their definitions. They infer that innovation better than creativity. Andrew Papageorge, co-founder of GAPzip, says in the video: There’s a very important distinction between creativity and innovation. Creativity, we define as the generation …

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Paploo, MasterLogray, ewokBJs, WicketTheEwok

The 25 Ewoks on Twitter

25 Ewoks roam the forests of Twitter. They range from the cute and adorable to the heavily ironic and twisted. Which Ewoks should you be following on Twitter? Let’s go through the Ewok village to uncover the best Ewoks on Twitter. The best Ewok on Twitter The best Ewok should have the most followers, right? However, …

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Michael, Miles, Deb, Fulton, Morris, Eugene, Leon, Carolyn, Walter, Emily, Jovie, Buddy, Pom Pom, Foom Foom, Francisco, Chuck

One alley, 16 discarded Christmas trees

Walking down the alley in suburban Oak Park, Christmas trees lay next to most garbage cans. The alley becomes like a Christmas tree lot, post-Christmas. Need a Christmas tree? Take your pick. Most trees are lightly used and varying degrees of dryness. All the trees laying down, sleeping. These trees are no longer in a …

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Four trees in alley

How many handfuls of mulch is made from one Christmas tree?

Tree mulchers are crunching all the Christmas trees on curbs and in alleys. The plethora of trees will soon be a handful of wood. How much mulch does one Christmas tree produce? I’m guessing about six handfuls of mulch. What’s your guess? An internet search yields many articles outlining the benefits of mulching your tree (see …

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January art check-in

Now is the perfect time to start making art. It’s the new year! Let’s make a resolution to make more art this year. Once a month, I’ll make a post asking people to leave a comment about whatever project everyone is working on at the moment. It’ll be a fun way to see what people are …

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Stack of postcards

Unlimited postal mail

Have you ever thought about sending a postal package to someone, and wished you could send it for free? The hassle of having to go to a post office, wait in line, and pay x-amount of money. Blerg. I want to just set the package outside my door, have it picked up, and sent. I …

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