Year: 2020

Using Machine Learning techniques on babies

Programs like are so fascinating. You give the program a photograph and an artwork, and then it transforms the photograph to look like the style of the art. A photo from my parents wedding combined with Juan Gris’ “Portrait of Picasso” generates a cool result. That’s a deep learning algorithm called neural style transfer. …

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Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Recording children singing in stereo

One of my favorite podcasts is Random Tape. The description reads, “A cabinet of auditory wonders for the 21st century.” An older description captures the podcast better, “Random Tape is a radio show that features bizarre voice messages, rants, poetry, music, found recordings and other Random sounds.” The most recent episode, “Este Mundo“, is a …

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Artform all caps headline

Artforum loves ALL CAPS

I love you, Artforum. But I do have a little bit of a funny thing. It’s hilarious how this Artforum headline appears in all caps in Google News. All the other publishers use a standard title case or AP/Chicago/MLA style. But Artforum, the long-time traditional art magazine, has this headline appear as all caps. You …

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2020 new year resolutions

Do you have any resolutions for this new year? I don’t really specifically set out to find new resolutions at the start of the year. I much rather just start new habits any time of the year. But in effort to capture some of the habits I’d like to be doing more, here’s my list …

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