Year: 2021

Upper case numbers

When you are chatting and you want to really emphasize a year, but you only have plain text at your disposal. No bolding. No bigger words. How do you really punch up that year? Let’s take a page of the programmers book, and wrap the year with a made-up element. Made-up element method That’s kinda …

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New word: yollo

‘yollo’ definition: When you say both ‘yo’ and ‘hello’ at the same time, with a little ironic flavor of the old school yolo (you only live once) craze. example: Yollo Abhay! How are you? keywords: yo, hello, yolo, greeting I should submit this definition to the linguistic elites of Urban Dictionary, so they can go …

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Capturing time

How in the world did this slow-motion video capture two moments at once? The cork just coming out of the bottle—AND—the moment when the cork hits the guy’s face? (look at the shadow on his shirt, you’ll see the cork hitting his face) How slow-motion video works When you imagine video being recorded at 30 …

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$25,000 for moon rocks

NASA is willing to pay $25,000 to any company to bring back samples of the Moon. Dust or rocks. Only $25,000? NASA is expecting some private company to go to the Moon, get some rocks, bring it safely back to Earth—for only $25,000?! That’s less than the cost of a car these days! Soo, someone …

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"Star Wars Headspace" album cover

Did Disney try to hide “Star Wars Headspace” inside its master Spotify playlist?

Are you a Star Wars fan, but find the traditional soundtracks overplayed? You might find some tunes you like in Disney’s new monster list of 361 Star Wars tracks. Called “Star Wars Complete“, this playlist lasts for 22 hours and 33 minutes! You’ll be certain to find some tracks you never heard of. At the …

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