Year: 2024

Discover the Thorne Miniature Rooms in a browser

Transform each new tab into a journey through the Thorne Miniature Rooms with my modified version of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Chrome extension.

Alternate ways of saying LOL

Did you know on MacOS if you press and hold down a character key, it gives you the alternate accents? From now on, i’m not using lol, I’m using löl It looks like a surprised person with his/her arms up in the air. 45 variations of lol (using alternate characters for the o) Versions Usage …

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Resolutions for 2024

I’m keeping an ongoing list of my resolutions, goals, and habit changes for 2024.

Are discarded tress surprising to squirrels?

Local squirrel confounded by tree’s new ‘horizontal living’ choice. Neighbors report it’s been dabbling in avant-garde landscaping.

National Squirrel Day

National Squirrel Day is on Sunday, January 21st. Squirrel day in winter‽ It’s to remind us that food is scarce for squirrels in mid-winter. That’s pretty cool. Well, not that food is scarce, but that a squirrel day is set on this day to remind us that food is scarce for them this time of …

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Enamel pins featuring film cameras

Just discovered the coolest thing for photography buffs like me 📸 Camera lens enamel pins! They’re tiny, detailed, and oh-so-collectible.