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What World Cup team should you root for? Your DNA will tell you

If you are an American, you won’t be able to root for the USA in the World Cup this year. For the first time in three decades, USA failed to qualify.

You might just shrug your shoulders and move on. But there are other teams playing!

What’s your heritage? You can root for one of the teams where your family line comes from.

The DNA website 23andMe makes it really easy to find out which team to root for. A couple days ago they emailed me which World Cup team I’m connected to. They looked at my DNA to see where my ancestors have come from, and matched it up with teams in the World Cup. Here’s my results:

Your 23andme DNA connections for World Cup countries

I’m half Estonian and half German. Germany is playing in the World Cup, but Estonia isn’t. But I don’t have to give up on my Estonia heritage. Nearby countries Russia and Sweden are playing! Estonians don’t exactly get along with Russia (invasions, dictatorships, and such), so you probably won’t find me rooting for Russia. But I will be rooting for Sweden!

With your DNA test, you’ll find out where your relatives came from. Get your DNA tested and you can get fun emails like this too!

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