The 25 Ewoks on Twitter

Paploo, MasterLogray, ewokBJs, WicketTheEwok

25 Ewoks roam the forests of Twitter. They range from the cute and adorable to the heavily ironic and twisted. Which Ewoks should you be following on Twitter? Let’s go through the Ewok village to uncover the best Ewoks on Twitter.

The best Ewok on Twitter

The best Ewok should have the most followers, right? However, the two most popular Ewoks, @Paploo and @MasterLogray, tweet only in Ewokese. Here’s what that looks like:

Glo wah, eee chop glo wah. Um. Ok. That’s funny for the first couple times. Repeatedly tweeting in a language no human understands gets quite old after a while.

To determine the best Ewok on Twitter, let’s look at the top ten Ewoks with the most followers.

  1. Paploo: 2,153 followers (tweets only in Ewokese)
  2. MasterLogray: 1,348 followers (tweets only in Ewokese)
  3. ewokBJs: 1,300 followers (too dirty)
  4. WicketTheEwok: 987 followers (hasn’t tweeted since 2010)
  5. Fred_Ewok: 600 followers (too dirty)
  6. WicketFTW: 476 followers (hasn’t tweeted since 2012)
  7. HardcoreEwok: 463 followers (too dirty)
  8. ThirdEwok: 462 followers (hasn’t tweeted since 2011)
  9. EwokLumat: 202 followers
  10. DeejWarrick: 139 followers (no tweets since 2014)
  11. The list dips down below 100 followers after this point.

@EwokBJs has the third largest following. His tweets can be very clever, but the tweets are often very dirty.

Moving down the list to #4, @WicketTheEwok has tweeted once since 2010.

Tweet history for @WicketTheEwok

To be the best Ewok on Twitter, you need to be actively tweeting at least in the past year. Most Ewoks on Twitter joined around 2011 to 2012, and then stopped tweeting. The best Ewok would have a deep archive of tweets, consistent through the years. haven’t tweeted in years.

Eliminating the dormant accounts (#6 @WicketFTW, #8 @ThirdEwok, and #10 @DeejWarrick) and dirty Ewok accounts (#5 @Fred_Ewok and #7 @HardcoreEwok), the next in line at #9 in followers is @EwokLumat. He tweets regularly. No dirty tweets. For a little while he ran the #EwokFactMonday and #EwokDogTuesday campaigns. He even manages the most comprehensive Twitter list of every Ewok.

When an Ewok dies, the Ewok's spirit joins with his/her birth tree. #EwokFactMonday

The award of Best Ewok on Twitter could go to EwokLumat, but it won’t. I manage this account. I can’t give the award to myself.

Circling back to @EwokBJs (#3 in followers), we skipped him because he frequently has dirty twets. But we’ll give the award to @EwokBJs, because he has way more tweets than me (2,100 vs 500). Even if his tweets can frequently be PG-13, he does tweet some funny (and non-perverted) tweets like this one:

@_Admiral_Ackbar Yo, what do you call the Mon Calamari at the Ewok BBQ? Admiral Snackbar

This tweet is rather fitting, because Ewoks do have BBQs. In Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks were roasting Han and Luke. People tend to forget—Ewoks like to eat humans. Admiral Ackbar is an aquatic, humanoid species. Thus to Ewoks, Admiral Ackbar would be like a tasty aquatic snack!

Follow all the Ewoks with one Twitter list

All 25 Ewoks are in one handy Twitter list. Please subscribe to this list to get all the tweets from our furry friends.

Ewok Twitter list

Stats from the best Ewoks and the worst

First Ewok on Twitter

2009 was a good year for Ewoks on Twitter. One-third of the Ewok Twitter accounts were created in 2009. The oldest being @MasterLogray.

  1. MasterLogray: first tweet January 17, 2009
  2. WicketTheEwok: first tweet January 28, 2009
  3. Paploo: first tweet February 8, 2009

Most recent Ewoks to sign up for Twitter

When I found out my Ewok alias, @EwokLumat has a child in the Star Wars Universe, I had to create an account for her. Nippet is the baby seen in the basket in Return of the Jedi. I tweet little baby thoughts for this cutie.

If there is a tag, I will find it!

The tweets are pretty silly, but whatevs. I have fun with it.

  1. EwokNippet: joined July 2016
  2. HardcoreEwok: joined April 2016
  3. FollowMyEwok: joined December 2015

Most tweets per day

@HardcoreEwok steals the cake here with most tweets per day. But it’s greatly skewed since he signed up just 8 months ago. How will his account last over six or seven years?

  1. HardcoreEwok 6.3 tweets per day
  2. WicketFTW: 1.2 tweets per day
  3. EwokBJs 0.8 tweets per day
  4. Paploo: 0.2 tweets per day

Most total tweets

WicketFTW is the only Ewok with more than 3,000 tweets. And the little guy hasn’t even tweeted since 2012!

  1. WicketFTW: 3,133 tweets
  2. EwokBJs: 2,111 tweets
  3. HardcoreEwok: 1,771 tweets
  4. Fred_Ewok: 530 tweets
  5. EwokLumat: 512 tweets

Longest time since last tweet

Talk about hibernating Ewoks! These guys have been hibernating in the Endor Forest for seven years straight! Wake up!

  1. EwokVillage, 7 years (April 6, 2010)
  2. Ewok_PR, 7 years (August 19, 2010)
  3. D_Warrick, 7 years (December 12, 2010)

The best tweet from each of the 25 Ewoks on Twitter

For each Ewok twitter account, I looked at their best tweets ranked by This service ranks a user’s tweets by most retweets and most likes. For instance, here’s @EwokBJs top tweets:

Best tweets from @ewokbjs

For Ewoks with lots of tweets, this initial ranking helped to narrow down the selection.

Other Ewoks have only a handful of tweets (in many cases under ten tweets!), so the pickings were slim for some. Here are the best tweets from each Ewok (presented in order of Ewoks with the most following to the least).




(@ewokBJs is listed twice, because he has lots of good tweets.)





















Ewoks who have no tweets that are good:

If a real Ewok had an account, it would probably have the sort of nonsense these three tweet. But as for the other Ewoks on Twitter, many are hibernating, but the others provide us fun, cute, and ironic tweets from the Forest Moon of Endor.

Remember to subscribe to the the most comprehensive Twitter list of every Ewok.

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