$500 for one pack of baseball cards


Topps is selling packs of eight cards for $500. That’s right. $500 for one pack of baseball cards. Here is my email to Topps:

Dear Topps, your Five Star cards will scare many people away from collecting any cards. This $500-per-pack is an image destroyer for your brand. You may reply with, “well, this is just one product among many products we offer. It simply caters to people who have high-end tastes.”

However, things like $500-per-pack is what sticks in people’s memories about your brand. It signals to regular collectors that this industry is no longer for them. It signals that baseball card collecting is only for those who can afford $500 for one pack of cards.

Topps, please seriously reconsider never offering a product like this again. It’s disgusting and it turns off your regular collectors.

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