7 reasons why the Art Institute of Chicago should display “Book in Mouth”

Of the 18,4888 photos archived in the Art Institute of Chicago’s collection, are there any you’d like to see displayed in the museum? This one by Jeff Mermelstein would be a good one:

Jeff Mermelstein Book in Mouth

Book in Mouth, New York City
Photographed in 1993. Acquired in 2002.
This photo is currently not on display.

7 reasons why the Art Institute of Chicago should put “Book in Mouth” on display

  1. So much fun. This photo would quickly become a visitor favorite.
  2. Postcards would be made of this photo, selling in the thousands and thousands.
  3. This photo would become a cultural icon.
  4. The words are coming out of the man’s mouth. Literally. Words on the book. Coming out of his mouth.
  5. Irony. Even though words are coming out this mouth, he cannot speak–because he has a book in his mouth.
  6. Perhaps this man is eating the book. Consuming the book. Speaks to how we consume art.
  7. This photo is featured on the cover of “Street Photography Now”, the 2010 edition. “Book in Mouth” already on the way to becoming famous!
  8. Your reason here.
  9. Your reason here.
  10. Your reason here.

If you have any reasons why “Book in Mouth” should be on display, please tweet me or leave a comment. I’ll add your reason to the list.

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