8-bit Ewoks in Tiny Death Star

What can be cuter than 8-bit artwork of ewoks? Thankfully the ewok card came to me early in the iPhone Star Wars game, Tiny Death Star.

The card proudly proclaims, “Furred natives of the forest moon of Endor, the Ewoks appear cute and somewhat dimwitted, but they are actually fierce warriors and skilled artisans. They are also light enough to hang-glide, even with primitive materials.”

Dimwitted and fierce. lol

You have unlocked a new species: ewok Ewok Tiny Death Star playing card Teela Kryze, ewok, Tiny Death Star

Teela Kryze is one of the ewoks on the Tiny Death Star.

— Birthday: Jul 30

— Dream job: Lightsaber craft

— Talents: Food 1, Service 5, Recreation 5, Retail 6

How in the world is an ewok’s dream job to be lightsaber craft? Wouldn’t the blade burn up the ewok’s fur?

Teela had something fun to say on the Holonet:

We are gonna party all the time with Cliegg living here now

If you are curious who this Cliegg Brashin is, here’s his card:

Cliegg Brashin: Tiny Death Star

No wonder the ewok wants to party with him. Cliegg Brashin is a human with a mohawk whose dream job is to work at Toydarian Toys.

See these cute little creatures in a super-huge high-resolution wallpaper.

adorable ewok wallpaper in 8-bit artwork


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Darleen Reilly
10 years ago

Oh that Sean!!!!! Thanks , Aunt Amy!

Amy Reilly
10 years ago

Somehow this doesn’t seem like a Darleen Reilly thing to post. Methinks someone has taken over her Facebook account!

Darleen Reilly
10 years ago

I ewoks

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