8 ideas for using collaborative boards on pinterest


Did you know your friends can pin stuff to your boards? Yeah! You can add contributors to specific boards on your pinterest.

Ideas on how to use collaborative boards on pinterest:

1) Research at work

Does your company want to share design research for a project? Make a board and then share it with your coworkers.

2) Gift ideas for parents

Looking for gift ideas for your parents? Enlist your family members to post ideas to a board.

3) Your neglected boards

Do you run out of time to pin stuff to particular topic areas? Enlist your friends to help!

4) Wedding ideas

Get your freinds and family involved in ideas for your wedding

5) Love board

Share a board with your mate and post cutesy things for each other.

6) All-star board

If you are able to get some people in your industry together to post things to a a board, you might end up with a really popular board that many others will follow.

7) Do it daily

Use 30 Days of Creativity as a model. Their idea is for people to create something every day for one month. They made 30 public boards, one for each day of the month.

8) Open projects

What project can you do that is open to the public where people can contribute? Maybe have people post photos of their favorite trees. Or make a “my favorite door” board where people can contribute.

Once you have collaborative boards, the comments feature on each pin becomes alive! Because you know your friends/coworkers have pinned that item on a board you are working on together, you are much more likekly to make comments.


Just a side note. Right now I’m having some problems making my boards collaborative. On the board settings, there’s an area for “Who can pin?” with the options of “Just Me” and “Me + Contributors” I click on the second option and enter a username, but I get an alert “Username not found.” I’ve tried different usernames, and it still gives me the error alert.


Anyone having issues making contributor boards on pinterest?

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