8 surprises from throwing a paper airplane off a train platform

Surprise #4! Paper airplane lands in funny spot

What discoveries happen when you throw a paper airplane from an elevated CTA train platform? I had so many fun surprises that they couldn’t fit into one story! The one story ended up making little baby stories. Eight of ’em! So spread their surprisey goodness across the web, you can read them in eight different places where I’m actively online.

youtubeSurprise #1! Chicago Theatre marquee blocked from CTA Station on youtube.
Spudart Facebook PageSurprise #2! This paper airplane is really brown! on the Spudart Facebook Page
livejournalSurprise #3! CTA attendant doesn’t harrass photographer on the “what makes me happy every day” livejournal
flickrSurprise #4! Paper airplane lands in funny spot on flickr
43thingsSurprise #5! Nobody picks up paper airplanes off stairs on 43things goal, “create small pieces of art, and leave them for people to find”
tumblrSurprise #6! “I’ll just stand here ON TOP OF YOUR PAPER AIRPLANE” on tumblr
Facebook profile Surprise #7! “Let’s take pictures of ourselves standing by a paper airplane, but not include the paper airplane in the photo.” on my personal facebook profile
deviantartSurprise #8! Pigeons fly like paper airplanes on deviantart

Eight surprising chapters all part of one story. Read ’em all. Or read half of them. Ok, eight is a lot. If go to any three of the above sites and leave comments, I will mail you the a paper airplane from these chapters! Seriously! A FREE AUTHENTIC ART PAPER AIRPLANE. Make sure you let me know if you complete a trifecta commenting spree, and your surprising paper airplane WILL be delivered.

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Eliana Briones
13 years ago

Does commenting on this post earn me a free paper airplane?

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