A quest to archives of Paste Magazine’s print edition

Does anyone really dig in and listen to an album more than a couple of times anymore?

This reminds me. Right now, I have no music playing. I’m going to put on a jazz album. An ALBUM. Not a playlist. Not some algorithm Spotify radio that selects. But a real album.

I came across this question about albums in a fun way.

My cousin is the manager of a college radio station, WXAV 88.3 in Chicago. He posted on Facebook that Paste Magazine put WXAV on their list of the top 40 low-power stations in the country.

So then I googled: “Paste Magazine” college radio

And this 2015 article came up, “Forget What Ya Heard, Radio Isn’t Dead Yet”.

What is Paste Magazine?

They had a monthly issue thing, which sounded cool

Every day, PasteMagazine.com publishes hundreds of articles on more than a dozen subjects from music and movies to food and travel. But once a month we like to slow down and dive deep into a single topic with longform features and essays from a variety of angles. We’ve launched this new platform—[Paste Monthly](http://pastemagazine.com/monthly)—with The Reinvention Issue, looking at ways that people and institutions have found new life in a completely different fashion. From movie stars to wrestlers, musicians to a comic-book character, the subjects of our inaugural issue have transformed themselves, sometimes multiple times to reinvigorate careers and artistic endeavors. We also look at how the addition of monsters has reinvented Victorian romance novels, how sous vide cooking could reinvent the way we eat and how a TV show found a (brief) second chance on the web. Upcoming issues will include The Future Issue, The Failure Issue and The Mystery Issue, with each new cover illustrated by Timothy Banks. Find a relaxing place to read on your computer, phone or tablet and enjoy.

But that URL http://pastemagazine.com/monthly doesn’t work anymore. Makes me want to see if they have any issues archived as a PDF.

From the Wikipedia page:

It ran as a print publication from 2002 to 2010 before converting to online-only.

In 2017, they raised $151,000 to produce a quarterly magazine. Yet the site is now dead: PasteQuarterly.com. I don’t get it. I have domains older than that, and they at least redirect somewhere. These folks got all this money, and they can’t even get this domain to have a splash page or redirect? I understand this is six years old. But still.

Their current website looks so generic. Is the site dead?

Now it seems to be mostly a YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/@pastemagazine/videos

Oh wait, their Facebook is very active and points to real articles.

Like this cool board game review, “8 Great Stocking Stuffer Board Games for 2023”. The author also writes for the Athletic. So that’s legit.

Oh, four days ago, Paste bought out the site Jezebel.com. Maybe that’s why the homepage looks so generic? Are they prepping for the merge?

Oh well. I was hoping to find some of their print issues online. But since they don’t even have their quarterly domain up, I doubt that any PDFs are residing somewhere online.

A last-ditch effort, I google: filetype:pdf “paste magazine”
Results in this 2017 media kit, a 33-page PDF. https://cdn.pastemagazine.com/www/PasteMediaKit-2017.pdf

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