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You know what is a great motivator to get your goals done for 2013? A community website called 43things.com. Add your goals to a list. Then you can write entries about your progress in each goal. There’s thousands of people on this site, and many of them with the same goals as you will be writing as well.

Is writing about your goals too much? Then you can simply “cheer” other people’s goals and entries. It’s really fun hearing people accomplish things, and it gets you going to share where you are at too. It’s most fun to have other friends on the site, so you can have people you know reading about your progress.

I have ten goals for 2013:

  1. Take a class (124 people)
  2. Start a webcomic (136 people)
  3. Move my blog to drupal (1 person)
  4. Learn origami (399 people)
  5. Make the shelf-rock outside the entrance to the Tribune Tower into my own gallery every Tuesday (1 person)
  6. Transform my cubicle into a gallery every month (1 person)
  7. Make more magic sticks (1 person)
  8. Make more figures on swings (1 person)
  9. Make more HDR photos (1 person)
  10. Make a photography book (68 people)

Some of my goals have many other people trying to achieve the same thing, which is fun. And I have some goals where it’s just me, because they are rather specific. But I would be so happy if anyone would pick up any of my goals and do them with me. Who wants to make some magic sticks! You do!

Congratulations! You just found a magic stick!

If you join 43things or are already on the service, make sure to let me know! I’m user spudart on 43things.

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