About the Orange Happy Tree

Orange Happy Tree by Todd Webb

I bought “Orange Happy Tree” from the artist Todd Webb. I really like Todd’s work, it’s very optimistic. Here’s my message to Todd when I bought “Orange Happy Tree” on etsy.

Wooo! I saw your tweet about the goose, and I thought, “hmm, I wonder if todd has posted anything new in etsy for sale.” And look! It’s a tree! I like this one (well, I like all of them, but especially one) because the tree is looking down at his leaf.

OR maybe it’s a leaf from another tree! We assume it’s his leaf, but it might be another tree’s! Anyways. I also like how the trunks all reach out in different directions. And the orange.

Trees in the fall are cool. I almost got the green tree, cuz his green foliage looks like a big afro. But since this one has the extra bonus leaf, I decided to go with this one.


Last year I bought, Snowflake Mountain from Todd. He is one of my top five favorite artists from 2010. He draws one of the world’s most wonderful comics. I HIGHLY recommend one of his books, “Casual Poet: the cartoon journals of todd webb.”

Note: The green tree is still available! (“Sunset Happy Tree”)

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