Your age in circles drawn on a sheet of paper

A piece of paper on a clipboard with a bunch of circles drawn on it with with a pencil.

A fun exercise that takes less than one minute: Take your current age in years, and draw the same number of circles on a sheet of paper, without lifting your pencil/pen. Then post your drawing with the hashtag #myageincircles

Here’s mine:

A piece of paper with overlapping circles signifying the age of the person who drew this.

This would be fun to do every year on your birthday.

You could use this for a birthday card to give to someone.

The birthday card could be as simple as drawing this repeated circle. You don’t even need to mention the age of the person. The overlapping circles give you enough of an idea of how old someone is. Then write on the card, “Happy birthday! This represents how many times you have gone around the sun. Here’s to many more trips around the sun. Your fellow space traveler, [sign your name]

Bonus points if you record a video of yourself drawing the circles, and send the video to the birthday person. Watching the circle get drawn over and over would give you a real sense of orbiting the sun a number of times. It would be really cool to capture the sound of the pencil rolling along the surface of the paper. Side-note: Does the earth make any sounds when it travels through space? I’m guessing not, because there isn’t any noise in space, right? Well, I like to imagine the earth makes the same sound that a pencil makes as it goes along paper. So there.

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Mike Maddaloni
1 year ago

My circles filled the entire piece of paper! 🙂 Thanks for the idea Matt!

1 year ago

I would have to lift the pencil so I could keep count. Maybe if I start now I’ll be done by my birthday. Love the idea of making it a birthday card! Thanks the sentiment idea too

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