Airport parking garage transformed into drive-through art gallery

Screenshot from UPI video

An airport parking garage in Cologne, Germany is transformed into a drive-through art gallery. 300 artworks are on display on luggage carts, which gives just the right viewing height for people in cars to see the artwork while slowly driving by.

With less flights (and I assume less parking in the airport), they have the space to display the artwork. Art gallery owners from from Munster and Dusseldorf organize the show, so they can continue displaying their artwork to the public.

The video from UPI is great. They interview people who speak in German. You don’t need to speak German to understand the joy that this is giving people who just happen to come across this unexpected gallery.

The slow consistent pace of the cars driving through the exhibit reminds me of art museum visitors. Walking at a slow pace to look at the artwork, in some ways, you don’t really end up really looking at the artwork, because you just cruise on by.

What would happen if a car stopped to look at an artwork for five minutes? All the other cars would be like, “keep it moving!” Car horns would blare, creating another form of art, the symphony of car horns.

Slow, non-stopping pace aside, it’s great that this artwork is being shown in such an unconventional format.

A parking garage is a great place to display art for a number of reasons

  1. The garage structure provides protected overhead. No worries about raining.
  2. It adheres to social distancing rules. Just like people getting COVID-19 tests remain in their car, people here remain in their car to view the artwork.
  3. The parking garage gives a sort of urban feel.
  4. The unexpected joy of seeing art when you are parking your car.

I’d love to see each artwork get its own parking space. In the video, it looks like each artwork almost gets its own spot. But the art is just spaced out. Imagine if every artwork literally got its own parking space. Instead of a car sitting in the parking spot, it’s a work of art. This would give cultural commentary about placing artwork on the same level of importance that we place our automobiles.

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