Alien invasion forecasted by alienese characters in captcha form

An accidental release of alien characters in a captcha field show that aliens have already invaded our planet. They are among us and are getting ready to make themselves known and force their alien language upon us. This captcha form is just the start. Alien workers are certainly working on implementing alien language across the entire internet.

As evident by this screenshot showing both English and Alienese, it’s comforting to know that they don’t plan on completely wiping out English as a language. Instead, English and this alien language exist side-by-side. Perhaps this is a sign that the aliens are friendly and wish to integrate themselves into our culture instead of wiping our culture out.

But just so you know, get ready to learn the new alien language. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to fill out a form again. The captcha will block you. It’s smart for the aliens to start with captcha forms. If you don’t learn alienese, you’ll be crippled from submitting forms online. And if you can’t submit an online form, what ELSE can you do?

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