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Almost as many marketing managers as graphic designers in America

Think of a creative department. How many designers are normally on staff? A couple. Maybe up to six or eight. You’d normally have one manager for these two to eight designers. Just how many graphic designers are there in America and how many marketing managers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of jobs in 2012 for each position:

* 216,000: Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

* 259,500: Graphic Designers

Wow. That’s almost one manager for every graphic designer. Are creative departments going to just one designer now?

Certainly the trends would show that the ratio would improve, but it’s actually the opposite. The job outlook for these managers from 2012-2022 is predicted to grow by 12%. Whereas graphic designers is set for a 7% increase. It seems strange to me that we’ll have more managers than workers. Although, yes the managers manage more than designers. There’s copywriters, analytics reporters, database specialists, programmers, PR specialists, etc.

But it always seems that when you have a team of people like this, you have more than one designer underneath the manager. What are your experiences with the manager/designer ratio?

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