Alternate ways of saying LOL

Did you know on MacOS if you press and hold down a character key, it gives you the alternate accents?

From now on, i’m not using lol, I’m using löl

It looks like a surprised person with his/her arms up in the air.

45 variations of lol (using alternate characters for the o)

VersionsUsage for lolOriginal meaning
lölA surprised person with his/her arms up in the airDieresis or umlaut mark
lőlA very surprised personDouble acute accent
lǒlAngry laughHáček
lôlClown laughingCircumflex accent
lòlBaby laughingGrave accent
lólAnother baby laughingAcute accent
ŁØŁFor something not funnySlash
lōlPolice officer directing traffic. Not sure where the humor is.Macron accent
lŏlBreve accent
lθlGreek small letter theta
lϴlLaughing in a sophisticated, academic mannerGreek capital theta symbol
lΘlLaughing in ancient Greek styleGreek capital theta symbol
lϘlGreek letter archaic koppa
l©lFor something funny about DisneyCopyright symbol
lºlA formal, gentlemanly laughMasculine ordinal indicator
lðlA mystical, elf-like giggleLatin small letter eth
l∞lInfinite laughterInfinity
lȢlBroken infinity
lʘlBullseye laugh (meaning, righ on target)Latin Letter Bilabial Click
l◕l3/4 funny
l֍lLaughing eternallyRight-Facing Armenian Eternity Sign
l⊗lX-men laughCircled Times (mathematical operators)
l⌾lApl functional symbol circle jot
l◐lHalf-way funnyCircle with left half black
l◑lAnother way of saying half-way funny. If someone uses l◐l, then you reply back with the flip-side l◑l. Together you make it 100% funny. (or 100% not funny)Circle with right half black
l◉lA focused, intense laughFisheye (geometric Shapes). Tainome (Japanese, a kind of bullet).
l◍lA laugh from behind the bars of a prison. Laughing when you are guilty.Circle with vertical fill
l●lYour response to something funny about video games (looks like Pong). Or your response to something funny about Star Wars (it looks like a TIE fighter)Black circle
l☼lA bright, sunny laughWhite sun with rays
l⏾lNighttime laughPower sleep symbol
l☹lLaughing, but still a bit sadWhite frowning face
l☺lWhite smiling face
l☻lBlack smiling face
l♼lFor jokes about recyclingRecycled paper symbol
l♽lLaughing at a sustainable jokeRecycled paper symbol
l↺lAnticlockwise open circle arrow
l↻lClockwise open circle arrow
l⑦l7× funnyCircled digit seven
l⍟lAstronomy or space-themed Contexts.
Holiday Seasons: During holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, when stars are a common motif, “l⍟l” can be a seasonally appropriate way to express laughter.
APL functional symbol circle star
l⎋lWaiting for laughterBroken circle with northwest arrow
l⏻lEither powered-on laughter. Or powered-down laughter.Power symbol
l⏣l• DIY or Crafting Conversations
• Engineering or Mechanical Discussions
• Automotive or Motorbike Groups
• Gaming, Especially with a Building or Construction Theme
• Tech and Gadget Enthusiasts
• Workplace Humor in Relevant Fields: If you work in construction, engineering, or any field involving tools and hardware, “l⏣l” can be a unique sign-off on a light-hearted note or inside joke.
• Metaphorical Use in Personal Development
Benzene ring with circle

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