Alternative Olympics ideas: art, poetry, classic toys, circus, pigeon, car racing, janitorial

I’m going to miss the Olympics when they are over. There should be a two-week competition in something happening all the time. And there should be a channel dedicated to it all the time.


  • Two weeks of art competition
  • Two weeks of poetry competition
  • Two weeks of yo-yoing

It helps when there’s lots of different types of things under one umbrella. For instance, it’s not just two weeks of swimming (even though it seems like it), but there’s 36 different categories of sports. With yo-yo’ing, there would have to be about 10 other things like it grouped together.

  • Classic toys competition: Yo-yo, ultimate frisbee, slip-n-slide, whiffle ball
  • Playground sports: The slide, the monkey bars, the spring horse, the sandbox
  • Circus competition: clowning, trapeze, canon, elephant riding
  • Pigeon sports: Pigeon races, pigeon fancier pageants, pigeon acrobatics
  • Car racing: Demolition derby, RC cars, slot car racing, jeep competitions)
  • Janitorial olympics: Toilet cleaning, hallway vaccuuming, garbage emptying. America takes home the gold in skyscraper window washing!!!

When the Olympics are over, what type of competition would you like to see?

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