“America is not forever” stamp

Forever crossed out on American flag stamp

Is the United States Post Office trying to say something by crossing out “forever” on the American flag stamp? I know it’s standard to cross out the price (or in this case the “forever”) from the stamp, so people don’t reproduce it. But here it seems a bit ironic to have images of the American flag with “forever” crossed out next it. It feels rather wrong to me.

Maybe the Post Office is really upset about how the government is cutting their budget, so they are making a political statement about the state of America. You can imagine a postal employee saying, “You are cutting our budget!? If our services are cut, then America won’t stand to last.”

Please note, I do firmly stand behind America. I am American and I would like to see America prosper. Anything said here is a joke. We should not cross out “forever” in our stamps, ever! Long live America and its stamps!

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11 years ago

It’s quite interesting that they show the waving flag set against seasonal backgrounds implying a sense of reliability. “We can count on the seasons to change, just as much as we can count on the old U. S. of A. The angle of the flags also furthers this notion. We are looking up, up, up to the flag.

I’m fine with them crossing out “forever”. That stamp is not forever. It will eventually decompose. So will that flag among other things.

The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.
Isaiah 40:8

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