An instagram for etsy?

Difficulty of selling on etsy

There needs to be an easier way of selling on etsy. Their posting form is way too long. There’s a total of 14 fields to fill out.

— Who made it?

— Categories

— Photos

— Item Title

— Description

— Shop section

— Recipient

— Occasion

— Style

— Tags

— Materials

— Price

— Quantity

— Shipping

Seriously. 14 fields. I know these are all important to help people find your work. But really. I just want to simply post stuff. Let me post a photo, a title, and a price. DONE. If I want to add more stuff, then let me add it later.

In fact, it should be so easy I should be able to do it via my cell phone. With an experience as easy as Instagram. I guarantee you, if someone comes out with a super-easy way to sell stuff with your cell phone, it will become wildly popular.

(btw, this item is for sale on etsy, “Difficulty of selling“)

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11 years ago

a couple of those fields look new. I was an etsy monster for a couple years. 300+ sales. I haven’t sold anything in the last year or two. “recipient” and “occasion” look new.

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