Updating the current year’s count of published blog posts

In the footer of my site is a list of blog archives by year.

I’ve never listed the total for the current year. Why? Because it takes a little bit more of server processes to do the count. Plus, I just haven’t programmed that in.

Thus, the count is listed as “Updating almost daily”. But now I just realized maybe I could update this tally once a month. This will help to keep me accountable for how many blog posts I am making. Plus, it’s a nice encouragement for me to see how much I’ve done so far this year.

Granted, I do NOT want to try to hit a certain number of blog posts. I would never put that artificial constraint on my blogging activity. I’ve tried this in the past, and it’s just too stressful. I blog, because I enjoy blogging. My problem is not publishing my drafts. I just need to publish. Let the ideas out. And then I can always circle back and write more posts about whatever that was about. The word “blog” comes from “web log” after all. This is meant to be more of a log. Not about writing perfect posts.

Although, I do have to admit that I’m amused how so far this year I have been matching the number of posts with the number of days for the year. On that pace, I’ll break my all-time annual record of 347 blog posts in 2003. (and close behind that is 345 in 2004).

Starting at the beginning of every month, I’ll update the tally for 2020. For giggles, maybe I’ll record that count every month in the comments of this blog post too.

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