Antarctica looks like a lotus flower

Seeing these two posts next to each other on my blog draws a connection between the shape of Antarctica and the shape of a lotus flower.

14th-16th century print of lotus flower
Growing in the mud
14th-16th century print of lotus flower

If these two images look rather similar, what would a reverse image search for the lotus flower turn up?

visually similar images of lotus to Antarctica

One map in particular matches up pretty nicely from

South Polar Chart from

The shape of Antarctica looks pretty close to the lotus flower.

Now what if that lotus flower from the Ming Dynasty is photoshopped onto this South Pole chart?

Lotus flower photoshopped onto Antarctica map

And now let’s animate between Antarctica and the lotus flower

Animated gif of lotus flower as Antarctica on world map

Hmmm, maybe that’s one giant frozen lotus flower at the bottom of our planet!

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