Apple, the forbidden fruit: Why Apple makes you wait in line

iphone line chicago

Apple purposely creates long lines for the iPhone. No duh. They’ve been doing this for years. Just now people are starting to realize this?

Just look at any day in the Apple store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. They always underman their registers so there’s always a moderate line to buy your stuff. Even though there are PLENTY of people working the floor.

What else do you expect from a company that knows how to manipulate image? As my brother told me over IM, “Apple feeds desire. Interesting how that relates to Eve in the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit. The APPLE. There’s even a bite in the Apple logo.”

I would even argue that the people at the front of the line enjoy waiting in line. You are with a community of like-minded people. It’s like going to a concert. You get to hang out with all these other people are fans like you. Waiting in line also makes you an √ºberfan. You get to brag about how you “toughed it out” to get your iPhone. It makes you hardcore. Rawr.

Everyone loves a good story to tell. Once someone gets their iPhone, they tell everyone about how they endured the line. You share the stories of the people you met in line. The word about the new Apple product spreads through this word of mouth.

It’s the aura of Apple products. The shine of the apple. The desired status it holds within when you feast upon it. You know you want it.

Just be glad we don’t have to wait in line for bread.

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