april fool’s day pranks

yes, i did do stuff with my april fool’s stuff on april fool’s day.

I placed my remote control rat on the ground while hiding behind the corner when our copywriter maureen was filling her cup at the water cooler. The rat rolled out towards her foot and she screamed! and was about to pour the water all over the rat. Bahahaha!

Then I also got one of our salespeople who has a history of rodent problems. I had a coworker (Tom) instant message me when she got up from her desk. Then we went in and planted the rat under her desk. I ran away and when she came back, Tom IM’ed me. So i snuck up in front of her desk where she could not see me. Peeking under her desk, the rat started to roll out, but got stopped by the wheel on her chair! Ugh. So then I walked by and started to talk to her about a job I was working on for her. All the while, part of her cube wall was covering up the remote control in my hand! So I rolled the mouse out and she screamed twice! Bahahaha!

Then there is the remote controlled sound machine that can make like six different sounds. That was a fun one. I set it in one of the production person’s file cabinet by her desk. Hiding behind the corner, I used the remote to turn it on, and it started to make cat sounds! She was like, “whatthe??” The day before this, I told her to watch out for what i had in store for her, so she was expecting something big. So she actually thought there was a real cat in there! She refused to open the drawer thinking something will jump out! Bhahahaha!

Then I put the sound machine in this shelf on the wall that has all these toys that people randomly put on the wall. I gave the remote to our copywriter who was able to see when people walked by this shelf. This shelf is by the editors, and they are SUPER picky about people even just talking in their area. Their area is a no-talk zone. So of course when cricket sounds start to happen, one of them jumps up and starts searching the toys to see which one was making the sound. It was so priceless just to see him pick up different toys and put them by his ear to see which ones where making the sound! Bahahaha. I had to later apologize, because I felt bad for him.

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