Podcast about architecture personas

Do you ever feel like creating personas for your favorite buildings? In this podcast, I explore a couple art project ideas to give fun identities to architecture.

I have 18 podcasts recorded in 2009. Every week, I will post one of the episodes on Soundcloud. The first podcast is about adding personality to buildings. Below is an embedded player. If you don’t see the player, you can listen directly on Soundcloud: Buildings March 12, 2009.

The Chicago Slushie talks

All the buildings in Chicago have their own personalities. I love taking pictures of them. They almost are like little people to me.

Imagine being able to know someone inside every one of those buildings, so you can go inside and take photos. Plus, you’ll be able to associate a real person with every single building. When you see a particular building, you can think of that person. You come to associate a building with a person.

But how do you gain access to all these buildings? You probably don’t know someone in every building in a downtown area. However, if you are sales person, you get to go inside all these various buildings. But I’m much to shy to be a sales person, so here’s another idea on how to get inside these buildings.

I believe all buildings downtown have open doors. I believe all the doors are not locked during the day. People are able to go in and out. There’s security in most of those buildings building. Why not interact with the security guard at each building?

You can walk up to the guard and ask him where he likes to eat lunch.

Some people might feel uncomfortable answering the question, because there’s this sort of expectation of “I want to impress you with my recommendation”. The question needs to be framed where the answer can even just be a fast food place.

It would be fun to have all these different answers that are given by people. When the next time when you walk by particular building, or look at the skyline, you can kind of have a little bit of a story behind all these different buildings.

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