has a great bookmarklet to save live webpages bookmarklet

I love saving webpages. That’s the truth. is such a fundamental service for the internet. It’s so awesome that everyone has the control to be able to specify webpages to archive onto their service.

They even have a cool javascript bookmarklet that allows you to submit webpages. Super easy!

Add that as a bookmarket, and then whenever you call it up, it automatically saves that page to with the current date and time. Awesome!

As I was testing it out, I was the third person today to save the blog post, “6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine.” Funny how other people test out the bookmarklet by saving this blog post. A very well archived post, indeed!

Another look at the calendar for that blog post, and it’s showing only one save today. Hmm. calendar

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