Are discarded tress surprising to squirrels?

Photo by Andrew Huff as me3dia on Instagram

Did the squirrel stop to look at the tree or merely route around it? Since the prints don’t face the tree, I’m guessing it was going around the tree, not looking inside.

Would it be confusing for a squirrel to see a tree suddenly appear lying on its side? Like, where did this tree come from? Did this squirrel go home and say, “Hey, honey, I saw the strangest thing today. I’m going along my usual route, and then this evergreen tree just appeared on the ground. How did it get there? Why is it here? Why does this street all have trees lying down in a rhythmic pattern, evenly spaced? Is this some sort of April Fool’s joke?”

Oh, those are actually rabbit tracks. Ok, swap out “squirrel” for “rabbit.” Even though, for some reason, a squirrel seems more amusing.

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Matt Maldre from hotmail
Matt Maldre from hotmail
21 days ago

Maybe the squirrels just think a strong storm came through and knocked down a bunch of small trees. But then again, squirrels are very familiar with all the trees in their area. When a tree suddenly appears, that’s gotta be pretty strange.

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