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Are puns are illegal in Germany?

puns are illegal in germany (google translate)

Google translates “Puns are illegal in Germany” into “Wortspiele sind in Deutschland illegal”

The word “puns” in German is “Wortspiele” That is so much FUN! Word fun!

Clearly, puns are NOT illegal in Germany. The very word for pun is a kinda like a pun.

Or wait—does speile mean play?

Speile is games.
Speilen is play.

Thus, Wortspiele means Word Games.

Next time you use a pun in German, that’s a word game. “Oh what a fun word game you made!”

The Germans love to combine words into a single word. I’d like a word search engine that finds all the German words that contain particular letters. I want to see all the German words that contain “spiele”.

That would be… FUN.

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