The first artwork the Art Institute acquired in 1999

Art Institute candy pile 1.1999

The candy pile is the first artwork the Art Institute acquired in 1999. It has the reference number of 1.1999.

I googled all the other years from 1879 to 2018. Yup, that’s 139 Google searches. Google totally DID NOT like me doing that many searches.

I tried loading 42 browser tabs, each with a different Google search. At first I got the checkbox captcha. Then regular captchas. Then Google was like, screw this—here’s a wacked-out captcha. I didn’t even work when I clicked all the squares with the hydrant.

Anyhow, I only came up with two more artworks: 1.2001 and 1.2013

Figures in Boats
Willem van de Velde II
Figures in Boats, Art Institute of Chicago

Statue of Young Dionysos
100 BC/AD 100
Hellenistic or Roman; Eastern Mediterranean
Statue of Young Dionysos: Censored, sorry!

Sorry, I had to draw a censor bar over Dionysos’ privates.

I’m kinda surprised that out of 139 years, I’m only able to find three artworks that start with the reference number “1”. Perhaps I could inquire with the Art Institute about what the others could be.

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