Cool baseball hats for the Art Institute of Chicago

A world premiere art institutions tend to have wonderful art shops. The Art Institute of Chicago definitely fits into that category. Lots of wonderful items. I love the art in the museum so much that it’s wonderful seeing how their world class collection translates into other media. Magnets, notebooks, tshirts. But how about baseball hat?

Does the Art Institute of Chicago have any cool baseball hats? They have two hats.

One with their standard square logo.

Their logo is nice and minimal. But the logo doesn’t really go well with a baseball hat. How many baseball teams do you see with their full name on the cap? For instance, do the Cubs have “Chicago Cubs” on their hats? Nope. They have a simple monogram C. There are exactly zero MLB teams that spell out their entire name on their official hat.

Getting a tad closer to a logo styled for a baseball hat is their lion outline.

But again, this just doesn’t quite fit. The lion is a bit too flat. Not dynamic. I’d love to see a more sports-designed logo for the Art Institute’s hat. You might say, “Well, this is not a baseball team. This is an art museum.” Yes, but that’s the point. I’d love to see a sports interpretation of the Art Institute’s lions on a hat. Something where the lions are dynamic and fierce. I’d love to wear that hat around the block.

Are there other illustrations/designs of the lions that might do?

Maybe the Greco-Roman lion from this t-shirt might translate well into a hat logo.

One of these days I’d like to illustrate a cool sports-inspired version of the Art Institute Lion. I’m not sure how I’d get it embroidered onto a hat though.

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