Matt Maldre

Public spaces artist, photographer, and professional scorecard keeper. Blogs at,,, and

Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk website

Extreme croquet club in the Chicagoland area that is like 19th century meets WWE. Croquet has a rich history of being an extreme sport in the late 1800’s. This site plays on rich decorative elements and has a lot funny content. Client: Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk

FluentMedia website

FluentMedia, the content solution from Tribune Company, delivers strategic information from the world’s premier news organizations directly to your intranet, extranet and public websites. Client: FluentMedia

Insider Trading folder

Insider Trading is one of Tribune Media Service’s columns. It provides information about how CEO’s stock portfolios. I developed a “James Bondish” look for this folder. The glass-looking cover implies how this column allows you to look inside this confidential trading information. The circles envoke a target, similar to how this column provides a focus …

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United Way Sweet Taste of Success logo

Every year Tribune Media Services has a campaign to raise money for United Way. In 2000, the theme is Sweet Taste of Success. View the other pieces in the campaign.

Dear Pharmacist sell sheet

The Dear Pharmacist column gives a weekly dose of pharmaceutical, herbal and nutritional advice. The design of this sheet has a pharmaceutical quality, yet it also brings in the soothing, calm, down-to-earth feeling that Suzy Cohen brings to her column. Examples of natural remedies and prescription drugs are sprinkled throughout the piece. The line graphics …

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Licensing brochure

Brochure of all TMS comic and game properties. The Inside spread is categorized into three categories, yet retains an overall unity. Taking many different elements and making them work together through photoshop collages. Fonts: Comix, Dom Casual, ITC Century Front: Flap:Inside Spread: Back:

Scrabblegrams ad

A new puzzle syndicated in newspapers picking up from popular board game, Scrabble. I picked up the look from the Deluxe Scrabble box. However, I didn’t have the source files from that, so I recreated the aged look using an old painting of mine and some photoshop magic. Having the dark background helps make the …

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TMS Licensing ad

The challenge: to include lots of different comic strip images into one ad. In previous years, designers had put each comic into its own box, isolating them. I wanted to create unity with our comics, and it also establishes a nice unified bold graphic for the design. This is an example of how sometimes I …

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TMS editorial columnists & cartoonist email newsletter

A weekly html email newsletter sent out to newspapers editors that allows editors to sample the top commentators every week. There was a lot of different content and information to fit into this newsletter, so a strong separation of content is used by the blue boxes. Client: Tribune Media Services: News & Features department

Dear Pharmacist logo

The Dear Pharmacist column gives a weekly dose of pharmaceutical, herbal and nutritional advice. Client: Tribune Media Services: News & Features department Fonts: Adobe Jenson (Adobe Jenson has some great classic swooshes, as seen in the “RPh” that give this design a sophistication.)