4 reasons why automatic staplers are the best

If your printer at work has an automatic stapler, give it a try. Automatic staplers are so wonderful.

1) You don’t have to do the manual job of stapling your sheets

Machines. Let the machines do the work for you.

2) The printer gives a beautiful flat staple

Flat staples of automatic staplers vs the rounded staples of manual staplers

Your handheld stapler will produce a rounded staple hooks on the back. With an automatic stapler, those staple hooks are soo nice and flat.  

3) Your printouts end up being stacked perfectly together

Nicely stacked sheets from automatic staplers vs loosely stacked sheets from manual staplers

The precision of your sheets being stacked together feels like a book or magazine. The edges align together with aircraft precision.

4) The biggest reason why I use the automatic stapler on our printer: so my printouts remain in order

We have a shared printer at work, so people are constantly pulling printouts off the printer. Oftentimes someone will pull all the printouts off the printer, and then put them back in random order.

The printer staple ensures that all my sheets remain together, in glorious order.

Sometimes even when I have the intention of using my sheets separately, I’ll still use the automatic staple, just to keep the job together. When I return to my desk, I remove the staple.

Do you use the automatic stapler on your printer at work? If so, do you love it?

Whether you use the automatic stapler on your printer, or not, please leave a comment with your thoughts on automatic staplers. Thank you.

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