32,469 baby girl names list in mobile PDF

Want an easy way of looking through thousands of baby names on your phone? I tried to find a PDF online with girl baby names, but I couldn’t find anything. So I made my own. And now you can use this PDF too.

Here’s how I made the PDFs. The U.S. government has a complete list of 32,469 baby names for girls. The list is sorted by which names were used the most. The year of the list is 2017, because that’s the most recent year they have available as of May 2019.

I pasted this list into a layout sized for a smartphone screen, so you don’t have to scroll through a large 8.5×11 page. Every page in the PDF has 75 names. Just flip through the pages like a book on your phone.

2017 baby girl name list

This PDF has ALL the names covered. 435 pages worth. After going through the first 60 pages, I selected 48 potential names to use. Sweet!

After the first 60 pages of 7,500 names, they become mostly alternate spellings. People these days LOVE to spell their baby names differently to be unique. Carly becomes Carlee, Carleigh, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Karlie. Yipes!

Now maybe some of government’s lists from older years will have less alternate spellings. What years to pick? Hmmm. The Social Security office has lists going back to 1880. But I don’t want to name my baby Wilmur.

1927 baby girl name list

Let’s go with 1927. The 20s are a fun decade. And for some odd reason 1927 sounds especially fun. I don’t know why. That list has 10,406 names.

1949 baby girl name list

And while we are at it, I’ll do a list from the 40s. Let’s go with some post-WWII year. 1949 sounds good. That’s right before the overly “optimistic” 50s. The 1949 PDF has 10,268 names.

After looking through the 1927 and 1949 list, I found that those years also have their fair share of alternate spellings, but not early as many as 2017. But really odd is that there are a lot of boy names in these older lists. Perhaps these names were considered unisex in that era. But now they have become more like male names.

I found these PDFs immensely helpful to me. So I’m making them available to everyone for free. Enjoy.

32,469 baby girl names from 2017

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3 years ago

Wow I could not think of a name for my story and i’m still stuck and i could never come up with 1,000 names

Emily Parker
3 years ago

i like madison

2 years ago

I made a comic for my school and I needed to find names and there it is

2 years ago

hi wiil new name be hollie donnelly thank you

Angelina Vaca De Robles
Angelina Vaca De Robles
1 year ago

I got a name I love is Scarlett

1 year ago

They looked through every name, and they didn’t have mine. They didn’t even have the other way to spell my name.

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