How you can name your child Velcro

baby name Velcro

Velcro. Wouldn’t that be a great name for your child? Velcro, I’m stuck on you!

I like to joke around with my wife that our 18-month-old daughter’s name is Velcro. Sometimes I’ll tell my daughter we almost named her Velcro.

I love the name Velcro. But in our household that name will never fly–even as a nickname.

Now I’m crafting ways someone can name their child Velcro, but in a discrete manner. Let’s say the child’s first name starts with “Vel” and then the middle name starts with “Cro”, you’ll then be able to shorten the first and middle name to Velcro!

Vel names for a boy

  • Velimir: meaning great peace

Cro names for a boy

  • Crosby: the most popular
  • Croquet: my preference
  • Or you can go with Crockett, Crofften, Cromwell, or Cronos

Vel names for a girl

Vel- names for baby girls peaked modestly in 1907 with 0.277% of baby girls being given Vel- names. The top names are:

  • Velda
  • Velma
  • Velvet
  • Vela: I like this one.
  • Velia: not a top name, but this one is nice too.

Cro names for a girl

  • Croquet: my preference again.

Name your boy Velimir Crosby.
Name your girl Vela Croquet.

Then you can shorten the name down to Velcro.

Fun fact: The inventor of Velcro, created the name by combining the words “velvet” and “crochet.”

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