Baseball teams that finished in second place in the most consecutive seasons

Imagine your favorite MLB team finishing in second place. Not too bad. You might even get a wild card chance. Now imagine if your team finishes in second place the next year. Kinda frustrating that you get so close, but no first place. Now imagine your team finishing in second place year after year. That’s what the Red Sox did from 1998 to 2005. They finished in second place for eight consecutive seasons.

Here’s a list of all the teams have finished in second place for four or more seasons in a row:

8 consecutive seasons 1998-2005 Red Sox

5 consecutive seasons 2002-2006 Astros

5 consecutive seasons 1965-1969 Giants

4 consecutive seasons 1996-1999 White Sox

4 consecutive seasons 1985-1988 Reds

4 consecutive seasons 1970-1973 Dodgers

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10 years ago

The BoSox can thank (or curse) the Yankees for that record.

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