Basketball cards from the 1970s

Have you ever seen Topps basketball cards from the 1970s? I didn’t even know they existed. I looked up a player from the 70s to see if he has cards—Pete Maravich. (inspired by Meta-Spiel’s post, Pistol Pete Ponderings).

The designs of the cards from the 1970s are SOOOOO 70s style. I’m shocked that I’ve never seen these designs.

1970-71 Topps - [Base] #123
1970-71 Topps

By the way, all these images are from a search on for Pete Maravich. They heavily watermark their images, so you already knew that.

1971-72 Topps - [Base] #55
1971-72 Topps
1972-73 Topps - [Base] #5
1972-73 Topps
1973-74 Topps - [Base] #130
1973-74 Topps
1974-75 Topps - [Base] #10
1974-75 Topps
1975-76 Topps - [Base] #75
1975-76 Topps
Pete-Maravich-1976-77 Topps - [Base] #60
1976-77 Topps
Pete-Maravich-1977-78 Topps - [Base] - White Back #20
1977-78 Topps
1978-79 Topps - [Base] #80
1978-79 Topps
1979-80 Topps - [Base] #60
1979-80 Topps

Even though this post about basketball cards from the 1970s, we now get into the 1980s, but whatever. It’s Pete Maravich’s last base card, so we have to include it in this list.

1980-81 Topps - [Base] #194-264-38
1980-81 Topps

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